Sciatica Pain Relief
Human Cellular Tissue treatments for
long-term and all-natural pain relief.
Sciatica Relief
Human Cellular Tissue Injections for long-term and all-natural pain relief.

Curious about Sciatic Pain Relief?

Tired and frustrated with dealing with Sciatic pain, schedule a consultation and evaluation at our office to learn more about our cutting-edge treatments. 

  • Common symptoms

    Common symptoms include burning, stabbing, shooting and throbbing pain from the back down the leg. Often times pain can be just in the leg or foot, or can be a combination of pain down into the leg or foot.

  • Common Causes

    Sciatica pain can be caused by trauma, injury, overuse activities that involve the lower back region. Such problems could include disc herniations, pinched nerve, and other type of lower back issues.

  • Possible Solution

    We specialize with natural pain management and regenerative medicine. Imagine getting rid of your pain and problem without the use of drugs or surgery.

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Do you suffer from any of these common Sciatica symptoms?

Patients usually feel sciatic pain symptoms in multiple regions. The pain can be in the lower back, leg, behind the knee, and even in the foot. The severity and extent of symptoms depends on where the nerve is being pinched and how severely the nerve is affected. Thus some people might only have pain in their leg or foot. While others will have pain from the back all the way down the leg. The pain can also be so debilitating that it is difficult to stand, walk, sit and even sleep. 

Common Causes of Sciatic Pain

There are several causes of sciatica, some of the most common causes of sciatica include:

There May Be Hope For You


Waters Edge Medical clinic performs natural pain medicine treatments and also Human biologics including Human Cellular Tissue and plasma therapy. These treatments contain various growth factors that may help repair injured tissues including nerves, discs, muscles and underlying tissue. 

Injections containing Human Cellular Tissue create an environment of optimal healing for long-term, all-natural pain relief. By introducing these Wharton’s jelly-derived Human Cellular Tissues and healing proteins into the areas where you require sciatic pain relief, your body can begin repairing itself naturally without harsh drugs or  surgery.

We perform the injections at our natural pain management and regenerative medicine practice as an out-patient procedure. This process is short and easy, and you can usually return to your regular daily routine immediately following the treatment.

Commonly asked questions?

What does sciatic pain feel like?

Sciatic pain can range anywhere from slight discomfort to unbearable pain. The pain can be sharp, throbbing, burning and even stabbing. Sometimes the pain can be so severe that it can drop people to their knees. 

Often times sciatic pain can show up in different areas of the leg and foot. Some people might not even have back pain, while others will have back pain plus sciatic pain. Often the pain can come and go, or for others it is so unbearable they are unable to perform any activities. The best time to get the problem checked is as soon as the pain begins, before it gets too severe. 

Where does Sciatic Pain come from?

Sciatic problems will usually start from problems in the pelvic region and lumbar spine region. This area of the spine is complicated, and it can be difficult to locate the problem. Our medical staff is highly trained and educated on the spine, and spinal problems and will be able to work with you to zero in on the source of the problem. 


Treatment length and time can vary significantly from person to person. There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration including the health of the individual, the physical fitness of the person, and the condition of the persons spine including discs, tendons and ligaments.  In most cases, the longer the issue persists the longer it will take to achieve correction.

The good news with natural pain medicine and regenerative therapies you will see and feel results quickly.   

If you are serious about getting rid of sciatic pain and want to avoid heavy pain medications, and surgery call our medical team at Water’s Edge Medical Clinic today. We are here to answer any questions you have, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

Should I consider Spinal Surgery?

Spinal surgery should always be a last resort. In the US the amount of people that end up with back surgery is staggering, and the low success rate is even more disappointing. Thus, it is recommended to look at other options before ever considering surgery. 

After Treatment, Many Patients Experience:


Improve your overall health and regain your vitality for life.


Reduce inflammation, get rid of the pain and fix the problem using regenerative medicine.


Stop taking medications that have debilitating side effects!


Return back to your active life style.



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I used to sit or lay down almost all the time, now when I wake up I the morning my back is a little achy but goes away within ½ hour. I feel great most all day. I am so much improved I haven’t even used a walker for about a month. I am so grateful for this treatment, I can’t find the words to thank you. Considering my age (80) I feel great!!
Minky B.
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Though I was nervous about my procedure, management and staff brought a lighter image my way that made my time at Water's Edge remarkable. Nurse Judy is AMAZING! God Bless you all.
Del G.
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I have enjoyed my experience with Waters edge medical, they are taking a personal interest in me and helping me get through my neuropathy issue. I still have a ways to go but I’m sure and have confidence they will continue to help me.
Randy N.
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Great help for my neuropathy. Very compassionate and caring staff.
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I love this office. The staff are so warm and empathetic. I received help with my muscle spasms and inflammation. Would return to the office for treatment if needed. I highly recommend this office and treatments.