Hip Pain

Advanced pain management therapies for natural, lasting hip pain relief.
Hip Pain
Advanced pain management therapies for natural, lasting hip pain relief.

Hip Pain in St. Petersburg, FL

Hip pain is the general term for pain felt in or around the hip joint. It isn’t always felt in the hip itself but may instead be felt in the groin or thigh.

If you suffer from chronic hip pain in St. Petersburg, FL, and are looking for alternative treatments, our experienced medical staff provides cutting-edge pain management therapies to help you heal naturally.

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Cause of Hip Pain

Certain injuries or conditions can cause hip pain.
  • Including inflamed tendons, causing tendonitis, This is usually caused by too much activity or exercise. Arthritis is another cause of long-term hip pain. Arthritis can cause stiff and tender joints, and difficulty in walking and even lifting the leg.

  • The various types of arthritis can be Osteoarthritis (OS) usually seen from age-related wearing down of the cartilage and the joint itself. Trauma or fracture to a joint, caused by a fall or accident, may cause long-term arthritis. Infectious arthritis due to an injection in the joint causing destruction of the cartilage. Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is due to the body’s immune system launching an attack on the joints. This type of arthritis may eventually destroy joint cartilage and bones.

  • Trochanteric bursitis Is another possible cause of hip pain. This condition occurs when the bursa, which is a liquid-filled sac near the hip joint, becomes inflamed. A number of factors can cause trochanteric bursitis, including hip injury, overuse of the joints, or posture problems.

  • Snapping hip syndrome - this usually occurs in dancers or athletes and is characterized by a snapping sound or feeling in the hip. This snapping may occur with walking, getting up from a seated position, or other movements. If the snapping continues it can cause pain and even bursitis or tendonitis.

  • Osteonecrosis or avascular necrosis - occurs when blood supply no longer reaches the hip and hip joint. This can lead to bone loss and even bone death. In this condition, the cartilage is normal at first, but will eventually collapse. Bones may break and crumble. It is not always clear why osteonecrosis occurs, joint injury, heavy use of steroid medications, alcohol, or cancer treatments can increase the risk of this problem.

How is hip pain diagnosed?

In our office, we diagnose hip pain and problems by performing a thorough history, where various questions will be asked, including Is the pain worse during the day or at night? Does it affect your walking? When did your symptoms appear?

After a thorough history, an evaluation will be performed including watching how you walk and checking the motion of the hip joint itself. We will also look into imaging including X-rays or MRIs to help determine what is occurring in the hip joint.

What are the treatment options for hip pain?

The treatment of hip pain depends on the cause. We are a natural pain and regenerative medicine clinic. Please go to the treatment section to find out the various options that are available.



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Minky B.
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