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Exploring Reasons for Doctors' Hesitation in Recommending Regenerative Treatments

There are several reasons why a primary care physician will not recommend regenerative medicine products. If a physician recommends that you get a treatment, they are putting their license on the line. Meaning if something goes bad, you can get that doctor in a lot of trouble, with malpractice lawsuits, complaints to the medical board, license suspensions, etc. That license is a physician’s lifeline and without it, he/she can not practice medicine. Any suspension or even a negative remark about them can be detrimental to their survival as a physician. Therefore, if that physician is not familiar with the product, they will not recommend it.

Same goes for recommending you get a treatment at a particular office. It’s the same scenario. If they are not familiar with that office, they will not put their license at risk by telling you it’s ok to go there.

Many physicians are not that familiar with regenerative medicine in general. They have a lot of new products, medications and treatments to keep up with, especially primary care physicians, and regenerative medicine is only now starting to get more popular. What most will tell you is to do your research, and choose someone you are comfortable with if you want to go that route.

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