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Peptide Therapy

Boost energy, sharpen memory, recover faster from injury, and improve your overall health & wellness.

Peptide Therapy

Boost energy, sharpen memory, recover faster from injury, and improve your overall health & wellness.

Peptides in St. Petersburg, FL

What are peptides?
It is predicted that ALMOST 70% of medicine will be shifting to peptides over the next five years. What is the function of peptides? Peptides are found throughout every cell and tissue in the body and are integral to most biological processes. Maintenance of appropriate concentration and activity levels of peptides is necessary to achieve homeostasis and maintain health.
Peptides, more commonly referred to as small proteins, are selective signaling molecules composed of amino acids chemically linked together by peptide bonds. They range in size from two amino acids or dipeptides to thousands of amino acids or polypeptides. The function of a peptide is determined by its size and amino acid sequence. These sequences are used to communicate between tissues and regulate various processes within the body.

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Positive effects of Peptides

The power of Peptide Therapy

Peptides have a wide range of healing abilities based on their specific amino acids. They act as mighty messengers, sending signals to cells and tissues to perform a full spectrum of essential biological functions. Since different peptides affect different cells and functions, they can be specially combined and customized to improve your health and well-being. This is known as peptide therapy, and it’s well worth getting to know and look and feel your very best.
Human growth hormone (HGH) is vital for many systems throughout your body. Unfortunately, HGH levels begin to decline after age 30 and only go down from there. This decrease causes your energy, youthful beauty, and fitness levels to plummet, making you look and feel your age. Fortunately, you can replenish your body’s youthful levels of human growth hormones with various peptides.
Peptides can be used for multiple things, including Joint and Tendon repair and reducing pain and inflammation. Peptides can also be used for weight loss, hair restoration, decreasing blood sugar levels, and bringing back a youthful appearance to the skin.

Peptide AOD 9604

If you have been searching for peptide therapy with all the medical weight loss benefits and none of the side effects, Peptide AOD 9604 might be the perfect treatment option for you. It has incredible success not only for weight loss but also for cartilage and joint repair. It is also one of the very few FDA-approved peptides.

What is Peptide AOD 9604?

AOD 9604 is a GH fragment. A modified form of Growth hormone is a 191 amino acid peptide. Peptide AOD 9604 is a modified form of amino acids 176-191 and has been proven to have a strong fat-burning capacity without creating a desire to overeat. It doesn’t affect blood sugar or tissue growth. AOD 9604 activates degradation and fat-burning oxidation by a method that doesn’t use HGH receptors. It has its own mechanism of action independent of HGH. It was originally used as an anti-obesity drug. Once injected, this hormone derivative can stimulate the pituitary gland, which, in turn, speeds up metabolism and burns body fat.
AOD 9604 possesses many other regenerative properties associated with growth hormones. Currently, trials are underway to show the application of AOD 9604 in osteoarthritis, Hypercholesterolemia, and bone and cartilage repair. AOD 9604 has an excellent safety profile, recently obtaining Human GRAS status in the USA. Overall, peptide AOD 9604 greatly improves the results of dietary restrictions and exercise.

Other benefits of AOD9604

Researchers have also discovered the benefits of AOD 9604 aren’t limited to fat loss, as it also contains various other regenerative properties that may benefit people with:

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Worn cartilage
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Bone damage
  • Triggers fat release from obese fat cells predominantly more than lean ones
  • Mimics the way natural growth hormone regulates fat metabolism
  • No adverse effects on blood sugar or growth
  • Stimulates lipolysis
  • Inhibits lipogenesis – the transformation of non-fatty foods into body fat
  • Favorable cartilage repair and regenerative properties, especially when paired with hyaluronic acid and peptides BPC-157
  • Helps regulate blood sugar and manage insulin levels.
  • Enhances muscle building


This FDA-approved peptide therapy can target areas of the body with abnormally high levels of fat and works wonders when combined with exercising and consuming a lower-calorie diet.

Peptide AOD 9604 has two primary methods of regulating body fat:
  • Stimulate lipolysis– the breakdown of fats and lipids via the hydrolyzation of triglycerides into glycerol and fatty acids.
  • Inhibit lipogenesis– the metabolic process that forms fat (even from nonfat foods), which increases the amount of triglycerides in the body.
Furthermore, the amino acids contained in AOD 9604 are the same as those found in the naturally occurring growth hormone (HGH). This also has regenerative effects.


This is one of the only peptides that are FDA-approved. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration recently assigned Human GRAS status to AOD 9604, which is listed under the Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) program. According to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, this designation identifies any food additive as safe when used as intended.

This peptide is extremely safe, and there are no known health risks associated with AOD 9604 injections.
As with any injection, some common side effects include pain, reddening, and swelling near the injection site.


There are several options for administering AOD 9604.

  • Orally via dissolvable lozenge

This is recommended 30 minutes prior to eating or 2 hours after eating.
  • Subcutaneous injection

Inject the AOD peptide about 30 minutes prior to eating to allow the peptide to metabolize and achieve optimal results fully. Or every night at bedtime on an empty stomach. Usually, only one injection in the morning is necessary, although some choose multiple injections daily.
  • Joint injection
  • Injected into the joint mixed with hyaluronic acid to aid with healing, reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Cream
  • Apply topically daily to the affected area for joint pain or to bilateral wrists for weight loss.


Once the vial is open, reconstituted peptides can break down at high temperatures. Important points to consider when storing AOD 9604 include:

  • Store at a cool temperature ( 36 to 46°F)
  • Check the manufacturer’s use-by date
  • Take on an empty stomach
Furthermore, the injected peptide will absorb into the bloodstream much quicker when you are in a fasted state. For optimal results, consult your doctor for the best time and dosage levels if you take other medications and supplements.


Although results will vary depending on the person’s bio-individuality, many people will experience the benefits of AOD 9604 within 9-12 weeks. A range of personal attributes can affect the quality and significance of results, including:

  • Age
  • Family history
  • Underlying conditions
  • Disease Risks
  • Lifestyle habits
The most success is typically seen in people who combine injections with a healthy diet and exercise. Consult with our team at Waters Edge Medical Clinic to discuss your protocol to set you up for ultimate success.

When will I see results for Joint Pain and Inflammation?

Results will also vary depending on the person’s activity level and overall health. Many people experience benefits within a few weeks. A range of personal attributes can affect the quality and significance of results, including:

  • Age
  • Family history
  • Underlying conditions, and secondary conditions
  • Disease Risks
  • Lifestyle habits

Peptide BPC - 157

Imagine having accelerated recovery times and reduced inflammation, decreased pain, and discomfort when healing from injuries. Oftentimes patients would require prescription medication. Unfortunately, there may be detrimental side effects.
What if that didn’t have to be the case? What if there was another way to reduce healing time and feel better without the use of prescription drugs?
Peptide BPC-157 is a compound that can significantly improve healing and recovery time compared with traditional prescriptions on the market.

What is Peptide BPC-157?

BPC-157 is derived from proteins, is composed of 15 amino acids, is found in digestive juices, and is often referred to as a “stable gastric pentadecapeptide” due to the fact that it remains stable in human gastric juice. This peptide offers various regenerative properties and is especially therapeutic for the gut and digestive system.


Peptide BPC-157 has been shown to accelerate wound healing. It helps with skin burns, improves blood flow, and increases collagen production. This peptide also helps relieve arthritis discomfort and stimulates tissue healing and lean tissue repair. Heals muscle tears and ligament damage and helps regenerate muscle and ligament tissue at a faster-than-average rate. Thus reducing recovery times, decreasing inflammation, and even helping protect the heart.

Relief from discomfort has been observed in people who have:
  • Muscle sprains
  • Muscle tears
  • Ligament damage
  • Inflammation
  • Other types of muscle injury

When will I see results for Joint Pain and Inflammation?

Results will also vary depending on the person’s activity level and overall health. Many people experience benefits within a few weeks. A range of personal attributes can affect the quality and significance of results, including:

  • Age
  • Family history
  • Underlying conditions, and secondary conditions
  • Disease Risks
  • Lifestyle habits


While experts focus on using BPC-157 for healing the gut and speeding up the recovery time from injuries, there are many other benefits.

BPC-157 prevents stomach ulcers and is an incredibly potent catalyst in healing inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS).
  • Brain cognition
  • Serotonin production
  • Heart protection
  • Urinary incontinence relief
  • Hormone production in the hypothalamus/pituitary gland
These natural healing effects are just a few reasons BPC-157 can help you improve your daily health and well-being. At Waters Edge Medical clinic, a medical professional will explain how this peptide therapy can help you transform your life.


There are 3 main ways peptide BPC-157 can be delivered:

  • Capsule: The oral form of BPC-157 is best suited for stomach and intestinal issues.
  • Injection: BPC-157 injections are the preferred route of administration for inflammation, muscle sprains, ligament damage, and pain management.
  • Cream: BPC-157 creams are used topically to help with scars, wound healing, and pain management.
When it comes to the proper administration, the medical staff at Waters Edge Medical Clinic will go through the best options and protocols. However, injections should always be done on an empty stomach and spread out at least three hours apart—if more than one dose is needed per day.


The results of using BPC-157 vary from one person to another. Some benefits may be seen within a few days, while others might become noticeable over two weeks or longer. Typically a dosage cycle can run from 6 to 12 weeks, and higher dosages often lead to near-immediate results in terms of muscle development. The immediacy of results differs for every person. Results vary based on lifestyle, habits, and secondary or underlying conditions.


BPC-157 is easy to store compared to other peptide injections. It is best to refrigerate the compound to extend its shelf life.

Oral capsules can be stored in a cool, dry location; refrigeration is not necessary. Proper storage increases the chances of the product remaining viable. This is important and helpful in giving you the best possible intended benefits of the product.


Although the research is ongoing and ever-changing, few side effects have been reported. Common side effects can include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea/Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Slightly elevated Blood pressure
  • Redness/Pain in the
  • Increased appetite
Some side effects can arise from the first few injections when the body is getting used to peptides. After a couple of days, side effects usually subside.
It is recommended you talk to your physician to determine whether a peptide injection or oral dose can interact with any prescription medications.
Waters Edge Medical Clinic specializes in joint, ligament, and tendon pain and neuropathy. We also focus on weight loss and overall health. We administer vitamin and amino acid injections, Peptides, hyaluronic acid, viscosupplementation, prolozone, Platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), and human cellular tissue to address a range of health conditions involving inflammation and pain. We can help find beneficial solutions.
Each of our patients is treated individually, so we can develop personalized plans to address your individual health concerns and goals. Our healthcare professionals can advise you on using BPC-157 and other peptides that can help enrich and enhance your quality of life through regenerative medicine.
If you are considering BPC-157 to build muscle, reduce body fat, gain athletic performance, improve memory, or treat any health conditions and pain, schedule a free consultation at Waters Edge Medical Clinic by calling us at 727-472-5580 today!

Peptide KPV

What are the uses & benefits of KPV?

Brief Overview of KPV

KPV is composed of 3 amino acids: Lysine, Proline, and Valine. This peptide is a C-Terminal fragment of the a-MSH protein hormone, which is considered the primary amino acid sequence in the hormone responsible for its properties. KPV is naturally produced in the body. It is found in the hormone alpha-MSH. It is used for inflammation, gut health, and conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and colon cancer. Research in wound healing also reveals that KPV and other alpha-MSH derivatives may offer a host of benefits that speed wound healing, reduce injection, fight inflammation, and lead to better cosmetic results.

How Does KPV Work as an Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Microbial Peptide?

KPV is an anti-inflammatory peptide that can potentially treat a wide range of inflammatory diseases. Including Inflammatory bowel disease (IBS). KPV works by exerting its anti-inflammatory function inside cells, where it inactivates the inflammatory pathway. KPV enters the cell primarily focusing on the cell’s nucleus and interacts directly with the inflammatory signaling molecules inside the cell. KPV also has antimicrobial effects against pathogens.

For example, KPV suppresses inflammatory signaling in a lung cell known as the bronchial epithelial cell. KPV can target airway inflammation in lung disease and suppresses both local and systemic immune responses, which commonly cause airway damage and remodeling in inflammatory lung disease.

How does KPV help with Wound Healing?

Research shows KPV can speed wound healing, reduce infection, fight inflammation, and lead to better cosmetic results. Often with wounds, various microbes and bacteria can enter the wound. This must be controlled by the immune system to avoid infection. KPV, with its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, can be very helpful for combatting these microbes and healing wounds. Along with a combination of regenerative medicine, including human cellular tissue, to accelerate the healing process.

How is KPV administered?

There are 4 main ways peptide KPV can be delivered:

  • Capsule: The oral form of KPV is best suited for enhancing the immune system and anti-inflammatory.
  • Injection: KPV injections are the preferred route of administration for inflammation, muscle sprains, ligament damage, and pain management, as well as anti-microbial.
  • Cream: KPV creams are used topically to help with psoriasis and eczema
  • Nasal spray: KPV nasal spray is used to help with neuroinflammation.

What are the Side Effects of KPV?

KPV is a naturally derived peptide without any notable side effects. There is always the chance of potential interactions with other medications a person may be taking. Thus, working with an experienced practitioner when taking KPV or any other peptides is very important. Our clinic has extensive experience with peptides and can help you with KPV or other peptides.



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