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Our Program with Sciatica and Back Pain

We are a natural pain and regenerative medicine clinic so our treatments do not involve harsh pharmaceutical medications, such as corticosteroids. Instead we use regenerative therapies and homeopathic natural medicines. That do not have any side effects and do not destroy your tendons, joints. or ligaments. Our regenerative therapies include Platele- rich plasma therapy (PRP) or plasma therapy, ozone therapy, prolozone therapy, and regenerative medicine therapies using human biologics. We also use our SoftWave therapy device to help reduce pain and inflammation and boost your own bodies stem cells to regenerate the affected area.

What Can Soft Wave Therapy
Be Used For?

When your back is strained or injured, Soft Wave therapy can help lessen the pain. Starting treatments at the first sign of back pain can make it work even better.

Chronic back pain can really disrupt your life when it flares up. Soft Wave therapy, with its strong shock waves can go deep into your muscles and ease painful spasms. By calming these spasms, you can move better, which is a big step toward feeling better and getting back to your normal activities.

Soft Wave therapy works by triggering your body's cells to bring healing blood with oxygen to injured areas. This is called Angiogenesis, creating new capillary formation which can ease pain and regenerate affected tissue. It's great for different issues like arthritis, muscle or joint pain, stiffness, and stubborn spasms in your back or hips.

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